openIMIS FHIR R4 Implementation Guide
1.0.0 - ci-build

openIMIS FHIR R4 Implementation Guide - Local Development build (v1.0.0). See the Directory of published versions

Enrollment Use Case

In this use case, a Point of Service (PoS) is enrolling a Family/Group within openIMIS.

The following code systems are involved in this workflow:

The following resources are involved in this workflow:

  • Location for the location address
  • InsurancePlan for the list of available insurance products
  • Practitioner for the reference to the Enrollment Officer submitting the enrollment

The process is done in two steps:

  1. Synchronization of the openIMIS configuration referenced by the necessary resources.
  2. Posting the Patients (members of the family), Group (the family) and Contract (enrolment information).

<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”UTF-8” standalone=”no”?>PoSPoSHIMHIMopenIMISopenIMISGet openIMIS configurationloop[for CodeSystem in (patient-education-level, patient-profession,patient-identification-types, patient-contact-relationshipgroup-types, group-confirmation-type)]1GET CodeSystem2GET CodeSystem3Read configurationfrom DB4HTTP 200 CodeSystem5HTTP 200 CodeSystemloop[for Resource in (Location, InsurancePlan, Practitioner@EO)]6GET Resource7GET Resource8Read Resourcefrom DB9HTTP 200 Resource10HTTP 200 ResourceEnroll Family/Grouploop[for Insuree as Patient in Family/Group]11POST Patient12POST Patient13Create Insuree14HTTP 200 Patient15HTTP 200 PatientCreate Family/Group16POST Group17POST Group18Create Family19HTTP 200 Group20HTTP 200 GroupCreate Policy21POST Contract22POST Contract23Create Policy24Attach Policy to Insurees25HTTP 200 Contract26HTTP 200 Contract