openIMIS FHIR R4 Implementation Guide
1.0.0 - ci-build

openIMIS FHIR R4 Implementation Guide - Local Development build (v1.0.0). See the Directory of published versions

Enquire Use Case

In this use case, a Point of Service (PoS) is enquiring for the Insuree’s policy details.

The following resources are involved in this workflow:

<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”UTF-8” standalone=”no”?>PoSPoSHIMHIMopenIMISopenIMISGet openIMIS configurationloop[for Resource in (ActivityDefinition, Medication)]1GET Resource2GET Resource3Read Resourcevalues4HTTP 200 Resource5HTTP 200 ResourceEnquire Insuree6POST CoverageEligibilityRequest7POST CoverageEligibilityRequest8Read Insuree9Read Policy10HTTP 200 CoverageEligibilityResponse11HTTP 200 CoverageEligibilityResponse