openIMIS FHIR R4 Implementation Guide
1.0.0 - ci-build

openIMIS FHIR R4 Implementation Guide - Local Development build (v1.0.0). See the Directory of published versions

Example Organization: MyTradePolicyHolder

Generated Narrative

Resource "MyTradePolicyHolder"

Profile: openIMIS Policy Holder Organization

Legal Forms (Organization): Personal Company (Legal Forms (Organization)#1)

Activity (Organization): Industry (Activity (Organization)#2)

identifier: Unique code: 1234, UUID unique identifier: 4c87928a-cf9c-4f4b-aeeb-61041c84547f

type: Non-Healthcare Business or Corporation (Organization type#bus)

name: My Trade

telecom: [email protected], ph: 0102030405, fax: 0102030450

address: 54 Pasay Jamula Ultha


*John Doe