openIMIS FHIR R4 Implementation Guide
1.0.0 - ci-build

openIMIS FHIR R4 Implementation Guide - Local Development build (v1.0.0). See the Directory of published versions

Example ActivityDefinition: GeneralConsultationService

Active as of 2020-01-01

Generated Narrative

Resource "GeneralConsultationService"

Profile: openIMIS ActivityDefinition

Unit Price (Medication|ActivityDefinition): €40.00 (EUR)


identifier: Unique code: A1, UUID unique identifier: db2c3a6c-af07-49bd-8f6a-96aa1fc2bcf9

version: 1.0.0

name: A1

title: General Consultation

status: active

date: 2020-01-01

publisher: openIMIS Initiative

contact: openIMIS Initiative:, Dragos Dobre: [email protected]

topic: Preventive (Service Type (ActivityDefinition)#P)

timing: Do Once per 0 days